Man's Worst Enemy

Tired of living a life of cycles? Do you seem to end up going in circles?  Do you or someone you know feel like you are on top one day, in the valley the next?  If you answered yes, you have chosen the right book.  Pastor Reggie has been inspired by God's tools to help you break spiritual cycles due to uncontrolled desire allowing you to begin a fulfilling life with continued days of purpose and progress.  Pastor Reggie is not a preacher/teacher who believes in breakthrough without sacrifice, but a man who understands that a life lived in Christ is a life that is surrendered!  Man's Worst Enemy  contains more than 20 years of study and experience on this topic that are key to a purpose-driven life.  Although primarily addressed to men, this book can help women better understand men, and it is applicable to their lives as well.  This book is filled with substantive, doctrinal, insightful approaches to a life of restoration and fulfillment.  Don't allow yourself to be your own worst enemy.  Go get your life back!

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